Alcohol Content Per Drink

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CDL Test Alcohol Content per Drink

Q.: What is the alcohol content for the most common alcoholic drinks? While you may think that the type of alcohol you are served will change the blood-alcohol content of in your system, you should be aware how very different alcoholic drinks can offer the same alcoholic content.

A.: The following drinks contain the same amount of alcohol – a 12 oz. glass of 5% beer, a 5 oz. glass of 12% wine, a 1 1/2 oz. shot of 80 proof liquor.

Explanation: Once you begin drinking, only time (not coffee, stimulants, or food) will allow you to sober up. Keep in mind that the minimum legal blood-alcohol limit for holders of commercial driver licenses is lower than holders of standard driver’s licenses. The legal limit for standard driver’s license holders to drive is .08; however, for holders of commercial driver licenses, the legal limit is .04.