Commercial Vehicle Weights

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CDL Test: Commercial Vehicle Weights

Q.: What are the maximum permitted commercial vehicle weights, in terms of 1) max. weight per axle, and 2) max. weight per wheel?

A.: 1) 18,000 lbs. per axle; 2) 9,500 lbs. per wheel or set of wheels.

Explanation: Even after you pass your CDL test, you’ll need to know commercial vehicle weights in the “real world”. When passing through state operated weigh stations, officers will check the axle weight on all axles of a commercial vehicle, along with overall vehicle weight. They will also note the exterior condition of the tractor and trailer, and give special attention to flatbed vehicles or other vehicles carrying tarped and/or strapped freight. Some states now operate “mobile weigh stations” (usually marked state highway patrol pickup trucks or SUVs) and set up temporary weigh stations along major highways. Vehicles carrying livestock are exempt from the weight limits that apply to other combination vehicles.