Entry Level Oil Rig Jobs via ShaleNET

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Entry Level Oil Rig Jobs via ShaleNET

Many folks are drawn to looking into employment with the oil and gas industry thanks to advances in fracking, which is creating tens of thousands of new jobs. However, unless you have a CDL, getting your foot in the door of the shale oil and gas industry is difficult, though not impossible. The very fact that the oil and gas industry is growing so quickly within the U.S. (as well as around the world) means that even those without oilfield experience can find ways to get hired into the industry. In fact, along with the current boom in fracking related drilling, there is another huge trend that is opening the door for those who lack oilfield experience. Right now, millions of baby boomers are now retiring from their lucrative careers within the oil and gas industry. The mass retirement of boomers is a trend that is affecting all industries, to be sure, but this trend affects the oil shale business more significantly because it is occurring just as fracking begins to take off.

So how can someone who is completely new to the oil and gas industry get into the business? We at Fracking Jobs have posted numerous articles on getting oilfield jobs by first getting a commercial driver license. But what if you aren’t interested in getting a CDL or simply want to work directly on an oil rig? Well, one of the most commonly offered entry level oil rig jobs is that of “roustabout”. A roustabout is the “gopher” or “mule” of the oil rig team; the person saddled with the everyday grunt work of the drilling rig. Newbies to the oilfield industry are often hired as roustabouts as the job doesn’t require extensive oil rig experience. However, some introductory training is still necessary for those seeking work as roustabouts. This training is available via private oil and gas training schools, vocational schools, and sometimes directly through an employer. Remember also that working as a roustabout is one way into oilfield work, and can lead to higher paying oil rig jobs as experience accumulates.

Ok – so you’re interested in seeking entry level oil rig work, and it looks like pursuing a job as a roustabout is the way to go. But you don’t have the funds available for private school training, you don’t live near a vocational school that offers oilfield training, and you’ve been told that the companies that are drilling in the areas where you seek employment won’t offer training to new hires. What to do? One solution is the private/public partnership which started in Pennsylvania known as “ShaleNET”. ShaleNET is a program where private oilfield employers have recognized the need to offer skills training for new employees. This recognition is taking place since employers realize that there is a huge and growing shortage of adequately trained oilfield personnel. For now, ShaleNET focuses on providing training for job seekers and companies living near or operating in the Marcellus and Utica shale plays of Pennsylvania and Ohio. But the idea for combining private and public resources is gaining momentum in other parts of the U.S. and around the world.

To learn more about roustabout positions, visit this link within the ShaleNET website. You can register onto the ShaleNET site and learn more about entry level jobs, training opportunities, and get an overview of the shale oil and gas industry and the opportunities it will provide in the future. To find companies that operate in the oilfields throughout the U.S. and are currently seeking experienced and inexperienced employees, visit the FJ Fracking Companies Directory. You can also look for fracking jobs by state.