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Most oilfield companies aren’t well known to the general public. While you should pursue active job listings by going to the Fracking Jobs by State page, you may also want to learn a little about the companies that are currently involved in the oilfields.

The FJ Fracking Companies Directory offers information on over 100 companies that are actively involved in the “unconventional” oil and gas drilling industry. Check out the information that our directory offers:

  • Website home pages for each of the companies in the directory
  • Direct links to each company’s jobs or careers page
  • Facebook and Twitter pages for every company that has them
  • Listings of the U.S. states where each company is conducting significant business (for example: where a company has oil drilling sites, or bulk petroleum terminals, or acreage in major shale regions, etc.)
  • Addresses, featuring a Google Map, for every company’s home offices

You can sign up to use the FJ Fracking Companies Directory free of charge. All we ask is that you first create a login ID, which you can do by clicking the link below. You’ll discover the names of companies that you probably never heard of before (unless you’re an oilfield veteran). If you have comments or questions about the directory, visit the contact page.