How Much Do Oil Rig Floorhands Earn?

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A common job title in the oil shale industry is “floorhand”. So, it follows then, that a common question among those interested in getting a fracking job is: “how much do oil rig floorhands earn?” Well, the Bureau of Labor Statistics gives average hourly rates for several oil & gas jobs which were used to create the chart below. However, thanks to the wonders of social media, we now have ever more timely (and perhaps accurate) data on just about everything – including pay rates. Using data gleaned from the comments made in response to a post on the Facebook page for “Roughneck Wives and Oilfield Men”, Fracking Jobs created the chart posted above. Many comments stated the commenters’ pay based on either the state the commenter worked in, or the company worked for. This is why there are two types of “bars” in the above chart – blue bars for floorhand hourly average pay rate by state, and green bars for average by company. Both blue and green bars are arranged in ascending pay rate order. For example, the average hourly for a floorhand in Oklahoma (based on Facebook comments) is $20 per hour, while that average increases to $28 per hour in North Dakota. Don’t forget though: housing is scarce in some parts of North Dakota, and prices tend to be higher. Also, as you can see, the average hourly pay for “smaller companies” is $17 per hour, yet it’s at $28  per hour for Precision Drilling. Obviously, this information is very unscientific. However, those posting on this particular Facebook page have little reason to give misleading information.

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