New York Fracking Jobs

Portions of the state of New York sit atop the Marcellus shale play, one of the largest oil and gas shale plays in the United States. However, there is currently a moratorium on oil and gas extraction via fracking in New York state. Noone knows when, or if, this moratorium will ever end. Currently New York is home to some of the most heated debates between those who support fracking and those who oppose it. It doesn’t help that the state is home to one of the most die-hard liberal bastions in the country: New York City. America’s largest metro area is home to millions of people who oppose fracking, despite the fact that many of them know little about it (but think they do!) The liberal hype machine dominates New York City media which in turn can influence the voting decisions made by New York City – and state – residents.

The debate over fracking will be contentious and ongoing in New York, unfortunately. This, of course, affects private landowners and municipalities that had hoped to start receiving the benefits of jobs, revenues, and economic expansion that fracking can bring. Stay tuned – when New York fracking jobs become available, they will be posted here. However, if you are a New York state resident and are looking to improve your own economic prospects, check out the fracking job opportunities available in other states.

Read more about how the anti-fracking movement is negatively affecting people in areas where fracking would create jobs and economic growth in New York state. In addition, Fracking Jobs ran some numbers to show how the fracking ban harms residents. Because you won’t read these reports in any anti-fracking websites – many of which trade in dishonesty, hyperbole, and misinformation.