Oil Drilling Videos for Newbies

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If you’re new to the oil and gas industry, you need to learn as much as you can about the tools of the trade, the lingo, and the environments that you want to work in. One of the best ways to familiarize yourself with the oil business is to check out some of the videos we have listed on this page. We sifted through the hundreds of videos that are available on YouTube (and elsewhere) to find those that offer real, beneficial knowledge on drilling and safety. This isn’t easy, considering the many videos out there that have either been produced by the anti-fracking industry or by those who are bitter about their jobs or life situations. Having said that, there are plenty of informative, quality videos available online that are on par with the ones on this page. Anyway, below are a few videos that we feel are some of the best oil drilling videos for newbies currently available…

Take a Drilling Rig Tour – The North American Drilling Corporation posted this excellent video

which gives a pretty thorough overview of a working drill rig as well as some of the tools and terminologies used around a rig. If you know nothing about the fracking world, then this video is a “must see”. There are some good descriptions here of the different types of activities that take place, and the video production is pretty high quality. You’ll be able to tag along with the narrator around the rig as though you’re right there, and “newbies” will be able to follow along without getting confused. This video was shot at a drill rig in Texas. The North American Drilling Corporation is featured in the FJ Company Directory, which you can access free of charge.

Intro to Fracking and Horizontal Drilling – The Marathon Oil Company produced this video, which gives a

good introduction to hydraulic fracturing as well as horizontal drilling. The video explains how a drilling operation is started, what fracking is and how it is accomplished, takes a look at horizontal drilling, and discusses what happens to a well after it has ended production. Very clear animations and explanations will educate anyone interested in learning how fracking takes place – without the needless politics and controversy. One of the more “straight to the point” videos explaining fracking.

The Horizontal Drilling Process – A more detailed explanation of horizontal drilling is offered via this video from one of

the largest players in the fracking industry, Chesapeake Energy*. This high-quality video also uses animations to explain in detail how the horizontal drilling process works. Chesapeake gives a solid presentation on the many safeguards used during the drilling process (which, unfortunately, are generally unacknowledged by those in the anti-fracking community). The animations show the seven layers of protections separating the drilled hole from the surrounding underground formation where the drilling is taking place. Along with the very clear animations featured, the video shows a timeline of the well’s development.

Drilling Rig Safety – Just as important as having a nuts and bolts knowledge of the drilling process is having knowledge

about rig safety. Featured here is an actual training video from Orion Drilling*. Most of what is shown here applies to the drilling rigs of any company. It discusses the usual safety topics: personal protective equipment (PPE), how to inform management about possible safety issues, materials safety data sheets (MSDS), storage and signage for hazardous materials, etc. Any new hire for most companies operating in the oilfields will be required to watch videos similar to this one. Safety is so important to companies that operate in potentially dangerous oilfield environments that most have management-level employees who focus exclusively on safety practices.

If you view the videos featured on this page, you’ll gain a pretty solid overview on life on or around a drilling rig. No single video, of course, will take the place of actual hands-on experience, but having some knowledge of what to expect on a drilling rig before actually getting hired to work on one is essential. In addition, you’ll demonstrate to a potential employer that you mean to treat any job that you are offered, and your fellow employees, with respect.

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