Spotlight On: Monterey Shale Play

Posted in Oilfield Spotlight

The vast Monterey Shale play located within the state of California has the potential to dwarf both the massive Eagle Ford and Bakken shale plays located in Texas and North Dakota, respectively. Both of the latter shale plays are already producing large amounts of oil and gas, while the Monterey shale play has barely been touched, in comparison.


As the map above (from the University of Southern California) indicates, the Monterey shale play is largely located in the central part of California under the San Joaqin valley agricultural region. The Monterey has the potential to create as many as three million jobs and add as much as $24 billion to the state’s revenue stream in the years to come. Even the Golden State’s legendary (and at times overzealous) environmentalist movement will have a difficult time objecting to the exploitation of the Monterey region as the science supporting the safety of fracking and horizontal drilling becomes ever more compelling.

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