Texas Oil Boom: the Good and the Bad

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Texas Oil Boom: the Good and the Bad

In a recent article featuring the fracking oil boom in Texas, USA Today takes a look at not only the positives that fracking is bringing to the Lone Star State, but also the downsides. There is no argument that fracking has unleashed an unprecedented oil boom in Texas (and elsewhere), bringing with it amazing wealth and huge job gains for those either living in the big shale play areas or those willing to move there.

But with any economic boom, there are always a few drawbacks, as well. In the case of Texas, there have been reports of upticks in crime, traffic accidents as large trucks crowd formerly sleepy roadways, and local residents being affected with health concerns.



Counties within the state of Texas that are located in the Eagle Ford Shale Play (map from USA Today)

We at Fracking Jobs believe that Texas is taking the necessary steps to address these concerns via such groups as the South Texas Energy and Economic Roundtable (STEER). According to its own website, STEER will “work to ensure that all stakeholders throughout the Eagle Ford Shale region are able to effectively maximize opportunities in a responsible and collaborative way, (and)…will facilitate and coordinate communication, education and public advocacy surrounding the production of energy resources in South Texas.”

Texas has a long history with the oil industry and the boom and bust cycles that accompany it. Fracking has been undertaken for many years in the state of Texas without long-term adverse effects to the state’s environment, and now Texas is on its way to becoming not only an economic powerhouse because of new shale discoveries – it will help America achieve full energy independence, and safely.

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