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Watch FrackNation Online

Since its release in early 2013, the film documentary “FrackNation” has taken direct aim at the anti-fracking community as well as one of the chief spokespeople for anti-frackers: Josh Fox. Mr. Fox is the man behind the anti-fracking movie “Gasland”, a “documentary” that has been shown to be inaccurate on many counts. Unfortunately, now there is a sequel, “Gasland 2”, which is also riddled with questionable “facts”. In FrackNation, Phelim McAleer, the investigative journalist behind the film, tries repeatedly to interview Mr. Fox to get him to back up the dubious claims that he makes in Gasland, to no avail.

It’s unfortunate that those who support anti-fracking efforts are willing to do so by touting questionable claims like Mr. Fox does. And for quite a while, Gasland was largely accepted as factual by the media and many celebrities. Fortunately, however, FrackNation is now more accessible to more people than it was when it was first released. Until recently, McAleer’s film was only available at certain select theatres for very brief periods. But now you can watch it on Netflix from the comfort of your home. Finally, the anti-fracking “industry” has some competition.

It’s entirely possible that Mr. Fox and Gasland have had more to do with creating, and sustaining, the current anti-fracking movement within the U.S. and around the world than any other single entity. Because of this, those who believe the questionable premises that Gasland puts forth – including many celebrities – need to be called to account. These same celebrities should be noted for the harm that they cause when taking a stand against fracking. Unfortunately, as FrackNation points out over and over, such accountability is not only difficult to come by, it tends to result in confrontations that are borderline violent. That’s too bad, because the anti-fracking community deserves to uphold the same standards of honesty that it demands of pro-fracking supporters.

This much can be said: fracking is a decades-old technology that is presently changing the dynamics surrounding energy all around the globe as well as within the U.S., and its positive effects are far-reaching and growing each day. The technology is not perfect, and hydraulic fracturing does present problems that must be addressed (which is happening) and requires regulations that must be implemented (which they are). But to ignore the ill effects of so-called “green” energy sources like solar or wind power is also counterproductive when considering the energy sources of the future. We now know that wind energy results in the deaths of thousands of birds (including those that are endangered) every year. Solar power is also harming wildlife. In addition, solar power components require manufacturing processes that cause toxic chemicals to be released within countries that have few environmental regulations or none at all.

No single energy source will meet the needs of the world’s population in the decades to come without its share of negative traits. But singling out a certain fossil fuel extraction process for over-the-top examination while simultaneously ignoring the myriad negatives of sustainable energy sources is misleading and dishonest. Mr. Fox probably knows this, and so chooses to avoid the same scrutiny that he demands from those he targets. We salute Mr. McAleer for attempting to shed light on the fracking industry as well as those who oppose it.