What Does Your DAC Report Look Like?

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What Does Your DAC Report Look Like?

Hang around with enough oilfield, over-the-road, or local truck drivers either at a truck stop or online, and you’ll eventually hear about something called a “DAC report”. What is a DAC report? First of all, the “DAC” stands for “Drive-ACheck”. And, while everyone has a credit report, only CDL drivers have DAC reports. If you have a CDL and are looking for work, a DAC report is far more important to you than your credit report is, at least while you’re job hunting. We at Fracking Jobs decided to take a look at what a DAC report looks like. Once you have your DAC report in front of you, you can then take steps on cleaning it up.

So, what does your DAC report look like? Well, DAC reports come from Hire Right, a company that collects data on CDL drivers. Learn more about Hire Right here. Below, you can view actual pages from “Skip’s” (not his real name) DAC report. Skip is a genuine CDL driver, and the pages here are actual DAC report pages. We simply blocked out the identification information.

DAC Report Example 01

This page shows you what information about you is available on your DAC report, and what is being sent to you. Not all potential employers ask for everything that is available about you; many simply want a criminal background check.

DAC Report Example 03

DAC reports contain your trucking employment history going back ten years, which is the required length of history that the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires on job applications. Not every single company that you have ever driven for will be included, however, as smaller trucking firms won’t report to Hire Right.

DAC Report Example 05

Remember: don’t state that you pulled tankers for an employer when you actually pulled vans – this will show up on your DAC report if the company reports to Hire Right. Also, notice that your DAC report not only shows your “Reason for Leaving”, but also if you are “Eligible for Rehire”. So, while you may have quit working for an employer instead of getting fired, that employer may still deem you ineligible for rehire.

DAC Report Example 07

Just about every oilfield company that you apply with will order up copies of your criminal background history. Now, if you have a handful of misdemeanors, you need not worry about not getting a job. But if you have a felony, and it occurred within a five-year period before you apply for jobs, you need to be ready to explain your situation. The page shown above and to the right are Skip’s criminal background information. Companies that request your criminal history may want nationwide, statewide, countywide, and municipal-focused searches based on your identity.

DAC Report Example 02

This page gives you all of the inquiries that have been issued for your DAC report over the previous three-year period. In Skip’s case, only one potential employer asked for a DAC report on Skip during the three-year period leading up to Skip’s DAC request.

DAC Report Example 04

As you can see in the graphics, your DAC report employment history contains the beginning and ending dates of your employment periods, the names and contact information for the companies that you worked for, and a very brief overview of the type of driving work that you performed.

DAC Report Example 06

This page shows Skip’s actual CDL information including the endorsements he holds, when his CDL expires (note: while this report shows Skip’s CDL expired in 2013, he renewed his CDL and it is now current), and…oops! Looks like Skip has a minor infraction: parking at the side of a freeway to take a nap (a big no-no on Southern California freeways). The infraction is listed along with the points that Skip incurred against his CDL. Bad Skip!

DAC Report Example 08

As you can see in the criminal history pages, Skip has a clean record. But don’t let a couple of smudges on your criminal background report discourage you from looking for work. If you have “paid your dues to society” as they say, and have been out of trouble for a couple of years, oilfield companies that are desperate for drivers will give plenty of leeway where hiring convicted felons is concerned. In fact, some oilfield companies are less strict about who they hire than many OTR firms. (This is ironic, since oilfield jobs tend to be much more lucrative!)

DAC Report Example 09

This last page shows the drug test results for Skip that were ordered up by a temporary employment firm which specializes in placing CDL drivers into jobs. Every company that you apply with will require that you take a drug test anyway, so many of them probably won’t need the drug test results that are on file on your DAC report.

If you possess a CDL, you should periodically take a look at your own DAC report to see that it is up-to-date and free from errors, just like you would do with your credit report. At the very least, you need to see what potential employers are likely to see when you are about to start a search for a fracking job. Visit the Hire Right site to get a free copy of your DAC report. Then, visit the Fracking Jobs by State page to start your oilfield job search.